Year 1

If you have any worries whilst you are not in school, contact Childline on 0800 1111.

 Learning at Home

 Here is a timetable that you may wish to follow for your home learning. There are resources and activities below, for each of the suggestions in the timetable. 



Week Beginning 23rd March



Last week’s story was Palm Sunday. You can still watching it using the link below and discuss the story together.

Palm Sunday video:


This week, read together the story of The Last Supper together.  

Last Supper video:

ACTIVITY: Draw a picture of Jesus and his friends eating together. Label the bread and wine. You may be able to write the special words that Jesus spoke about the bread and wine.  



For 'at home' prayer resources, please go to the Collective Worship section of our school website, which can be found at


The link to the at home chaplaincy resources is:


Resources are also being put together, along with a weekly programme listing on the NCDYS youtube channel. The link for that is:




If you would like to take part in a 30 minute daily PE lesson, then search for The Body Coach TV on YouTube. Joe Wicks will be teaching live at 9am every weekday.  




Please try to read every day.

Practice reading and spelling the Year 1 and KS1 word lists at the back of your organiser. 



See the Foundation Stage section on our website for some Phonics lessons that you can follow at home. 

Practice reading your sounds –

Phonics screening practice test – Phonics screening test 2

Phonics Play website -



You can carry on your work about an animal that lives in a cold place.

Watch this video for some ideas:


Research an animal that lives in a hot place. 

Find out about some rainforest animals:

Find out about some desert animals:

ACTIVITY: Make a book about your chosen animal

Book Template


Grammar Pupil Book 1b - Complete Unit 4: Sentences on P10-11



Here is a grid of different Maths activities that you can continue to work on:

Maths homework grid - Y1


Revising Addition

In class, we have used ten frames as a resource to support with adding two numbers together. The video below models how to use a ten frame.

Ten frame: ten frames

We have also used numbers lines to support with adding two numbers. The video below models how to use a number line.

Number line: number_line_to_100

Activity: Try adding two numbers together. You can make up your own addition calculations. Make sure you are confident with adding numbers within 20, before you try using any larger numbers.

Challenge: Time yourself! How many calculations can you solve in two minutes?



Mary Seacole

What can you find out about Mary Seacole?

Some information can be found using the link below:

ACTIVITY: Draw a picture of Mary Seacole and write some questions that you would like to ask her.



Our ongoing Science work in Year 1, is linked to Seasonal Changes. 

This week, look for signs of Spring. Think about the weather, as well as the things you can see outside. 

You could watch the video clip below and try to spot lots of different signs of Spring:

Activity: Draw a picture of all of the signs of Spring that you have found. Label the things in your picture. You could also write some sentences about Spring. 



Can you link your artwork this week, to your work about Spring?

Try painting or drawing a Spring picture. 

You could try making a flower by following the instructions on this video:

Or you could make a butterfly picture follwing the instructions on this video:

Make sure an adult helps you with any cutting out. 



Use this time to complete activities that you enjoy - use your talents and your imagination!

Some activities you could complete are:

  • baking or cooking
  • painting
  • music time 
  • gardening - can you help an adult to plant some seeds?
  • make your own treasure hunt or a treasure map for someone to follow
  • create an obstacle course in your garden
  • start a learning project on something that interests you eg your favourite animal, sport, game - you could research your topic and add things to it each week


Parent Leaflet - Year 1 1.pdf 

Y1 Curriculum

Advent Term

1. Family Album - me and my family

1. Family Album - UK local area

 1. Family Album MTP

Lent Term

 2. Great Fire of London MTP

 2. Great Fire of London Topic overview

 3. Seasonal Change MTP

3. Seasonal Changes Topic overview - Year 1

Pentecost Term