Year 6

If you have any worries whilst you are not in school, contact Childline on 0800 1111.

study at home Learning at Home 

Week beginning 30.03.20

If you run out of English and Maths activities for the next two weeks, click on the link below and  complete the different tasks in your books.  The text extracts you need are provided but if you have the book or film it would be useful to read or watch the first part.

There are two weeks of English activities and two weeks of Maths activities.


This is a daily maths lesson, including small video clip and activities for each day.  This week is consolidations of Ratio and Proportion. Please work through each of the activities.

ICT:  Scratch Challenge.  Click the link below to access two Scratch activities for you to play, decompose and re-create your own versions of. 

Scratch Challenge 25.03.20

30.03.20 online RE


Digital Footprint Worksheet



 Home Worship

For 'at home' prayer resources, please go to the Collective Worship section of our school website, which can be found at

The link to the at home chaplaincy resources is:

Resources are also being put together, along with a weekly programme listing on the NCDYS youtube channel. The link for that is:


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Yr 6 Curriculum

Advent Term

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Lent Term

Pentecost term