Welcome to our Chaplaincy page. 

 At St Winefride’s, the children in Year 6 take on the role of one of our school chaplains.  The children work across three different groups. 

  1. Collective Worship. 
  1. Charity and Community 
  1. Catholic Life 

 The Collective Worship Group: 

These chaplains help to plan and lead whole school liturgies and support with Mass. They support younger children in school with planning liturgies for their classes. They write prayers and help to find scripture to link with our weekly themes. 

 The Charity and Community Group: 

 These chaplains help to organise and run events to raise money to help different charities and groups e.g., Cafod, Children In Need. Last year, they collected donations to create ‘bags of kindness’ which were given to ‘The Bridge’, a charity which supports homeless people living in the local area.  

 The Catholic Life Group: 

These chaplains celebrate all the amazing things that we do to support each other at school. They will record events that we celebrate together as a community. In addition, they will be looking for examples of the ‘living out’ of our mission statement:  Together as one family, together in friendship, together in learning, together in Christ. 

Year 6 Collective Worship Chaplaincy Team

Year 6 Charity and Community Chaplaincy Team

In October, Year 6 lead the school as we celebrated our Harvest Festival. We are very grateful for all of the donations of food which will be given to Shepshed Foodbank.

In September, the chaplains worked together with Tom Shannon to create a new school prayer.  

 School Prayer: 

Together as one family, 

A chain connects us, 

Our faith guides us, 

Friendship surrounds us, 

Our teachers prepare us, 

As we grow as one family,