Collective Worship

Prayer, worship and liturgical celebration are at the heart of each school day. Children are able to take part in prayer in a variety of forms: whole school prayer, group prayer, and private individual prayer which can take place at our Prayer Point.

The school day is punctuated by our school prayers:







Daily acts of worship are celebrated within school. These take the form of whole school, key stage and class acts of worship. All acts of worship follow the same structure:

  • We gather together using music, actions or prayers.
  • We listen to Scripture, readings and/or poems.
  • We respond to the Word we have heard through actions, words or prayers.
  • We go out, reflecting on the Scripture and how we can live this out through our words and actions.

Timetable of Collective Worship

Monday – Whole School Worship

Tuesday – Whole School Hymn

Wednesday – Key Stage Worship

Thursday – Class Liturgies

Friday – Good Work Celebration

Our Parish

At St Winefride’s we have strong links with our Parish community. We are very lucky to have the church close to our school grounds. Father Patrick is a regular visitor in school and he spends time with one class each week, talking to them about Scripture and giving them time to ask their ‘wonder’ questions. We celebrate at Church at various times during the year, including for Harvest and for our Christmas Carol Service. Other Masses and assemblies are celebrated with Father Patrick, at school.

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation Preparation

Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and Holy Communion takes place when the children are in Year 3 and is led by members of the Parish and takes place out of school time. Children work on their preparations throughout the year and take their First Holy Communion during June. We will share information with you about this when your child begins Year 3.

Our School Prayer

Our school prayer was written by our Chaplaincy Team and inspired by our school saint, Saint Winefride. We pray our school prayer together during whole school and class worship.

School Prayer: 

Together as one family, 

A chain connects us, 

Our faith guides us, 

Friendship surrounds us, 

Our teachers prepare us, 

As we grow as one family,