RSHE or Relationship, Sex and Health Education is taught throughout a pupil’s time at St Winefride’s in-line with guidance from our Diocese of Nottingham and the Department of Education. On our policy page, you can find the RSHE policy which clearly shows how each part of the expectations of the curriculum is met through our work with CAFOD, Catholic Social Teaching principles, PSHE, RSHE, Come And See and Science curriculum.  Throughout the year, all classes will be following ‘Journey in Love’ to compliment what we already do in school.

Journey In Love

It is important that we learn about how relationships work in order that we may form positive relationships and learn how important it is to be committed in these relationships if they are to thrive and grow.

In order to enhance pupils’ relationships with others, we teach the following topics across the different year groups. Each year group will be focussing on the following:

EYFS: – The wonder of being special and unique

  • Aims: To explore the wonder of being special and unique.

Y1 – We meet God’s love in our family

  • Aims: To focus on families and specially growing up in a loving, secure and stable home.

Y2 – We meet God’s love in the community

  • Aims: To describe how we are growing up and developing in diverse communities that are God-given.

Y3 – How we live in love

  • Aim: To describe and give reasons for how we grow in love in caring and happy friendships where we are secure and safe.

Y4 – God loves us in our differences  

  • Aims: To make links and connections to show that we are all different.
  • To celebrate these differences as we appreciate that God’s love accepts us as we are now and as we change.

Y5 – God loves me in my changing and developing 

  • Aims: Show a knowledge and understanding of how we grow in awareness of the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty – sensitivity, mood swings, anger, boredom etc and grow further in recognising God’s presence in our daily lives.
  • Y6 – The wonder of God’s love in creating new life

  • Aims: To develop a secure understanding of what stable caring relationships are and the different kinds there may be.
  • Focusing on Catholic teaching, children will also know and understand  about the conception of a child within marriage.